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Valentine's Day Candles

Candles make the ideal gift for your Valentine, or can help create a romantic atmosphere for your Valentine's Day evening, providing the warmth of flickering candle light when you turn the lights down low.
Shearer Candles - Pink Ribbed Glass Candle Lanterns
A pink ribbed glass candle lantern from Shearer Candles. This candle lantern is ideal for small candles, tealights and nightlight candles. These pink ribbed glass candle lanterns are suitable to hang from a lantern hanger, or are perfect on the garden table. Also ideal for use indoors as a simple tea light candle holder. ..
£2.99 £2.25
Price's Candles - Red Round Glass Tealight Holders
Simple, effective tea light holder from Price's Candles. A red round glass tealight holder from Price's Candles, suitable for standard tealights. Price does not include the tea lights. ..
Portmeirion - Sophie Conran Small Love Candles
This single wick 'Love' fragranced candle is presented in a lovely gift box. Rose fragranced, this beautiful candle has a burn time of approximately 14 hours and once burned can be used as a ramekin. The Sophie Conran for Portmeirion collection is the perfect collection for every day modern living. ..
Pintail Candles - Vintage Rose Scented Candle Tins
Already a design classic, these contemporary 'paint tin' style candle tins are made by Pintail Candles in their factory set on the Northern shores of Morecambe Bay. The nostalgic scent of vintage rose and violets, combined with a hint of cassis and red berries, and spiced with the base notes of amber and musk. Always make sure you follow the candle safety instruction..
Pintail Candles - Patchouli & Tibetan Musk Scented Candle Tins
Made in the English Lake District by Pintail Candles.  A classic design scented candle, set in a simple metal tin. These scented candles are fragranced with Patchouli & Tibetan Musk and have a burn time of up to 14 hours. Measuring approximately 7.5cm in diameter and 4cm tall, these scented candle tins are perfect for the home and make ideal candle gifts. ..
Pintail Candles - Occasions Scented Candle Tin - With Love
A candle tin with a colourful and contemporary design, for those special occasions, from Pintail Candles. Fragranced with Patchouli & Tibetan Musk with a burn time of approximately 18 hours. ..
Pintail Candles - Occasions Scented Candle Tin - Hugs & Kisses
A candle tin with a colourful and contemporary design, for those special occasions, from Pintail Candles. Fragranced with Raspberry & Papaya with a burn time of approximately 18 hours. ..
Pintail Candles - Lemongrass & Melon Fragrant Reed Diffusers
Introduce this decorative room fragrance into your home; the invigorating fragrance of fresh lemongrass with a burst of melon. The natural reeds draw up the deliciously scented oil, allowing the fragrance to gently disperse into the air. Blended using a high percentage of fragrance to ensure that the diffuser will last for several months. Bottle contains 100ml of diffuser fragrance. Fragranced wit..
Eika Candles - Pack of 6 Burgundy, Wine Red, Floating Candles
Pack of 6 Burgundy, wine red, floating candles from Eika Candles. Eika's floating candles create a stunning look by reflecting candlelight in water. Floating candles can be used either indoors, in a bowl of water, or outdoors on your pond. These floating candles have a long burn time of up to 3.5 hours. Candle floaters must be placed in water. ..
Eika Candles - 25cm Fuchsia Pink Dinner Taper Candles
A 25cm (10") fuchsia pink dinner/ dining taper candle made with 25% stearin. This quality candle from Eika of Germany is made from only the best raw materials giving a consistent flame, virtually non dripping and almost soot free. Due to the stearin content of these candles, the colour is over-dipped on a white base candle. Each candle is individually wrapped. Price excludes the candle..
Broste Candles - Pink Northern Romance Lanterns
A wooden candle lantern, with metal top, finished in pink with a glass side panels. The pink northern romance lanterns are made by Broste of Copenhagen, designed for tealights or for small candles up to 4cm in diameter. These candle lanterns are ideal for use indoors and outdoors in the garden. Price is for a single candle lantern and excludes the tea light candle. ..
Broste Candles - Box of 6 Pink Daisy Flower Tealights
These unscented, pink blossom daisy flower tealights from Broste Candles make a great alternative to plain tealights and would grace any candle display. As each of the flower candles is set in a foil tealight cup, these tea light candles can be used in any standard tealight candle holder. ..
Broste Candles - Box of 2 Powder Pink Rose Flower Candles
A box of two unscented, powder pink, rose shaped flower candles. These flower candles make a great visual alternative to standard candles and tea lights. Use to great effect in a candle display for weddings, anniversaries, or just to decorate your home. Price excludes the candleholder. ..
Broste Candles - 25cm Dark Red Classic Column Dinner Candles
Solid colour, unscented, dark red classic column dinner candle from Broste of Copenhagen. Price excludes holder. ..
Abode Aroma - Kimono Green Tea Three Wick Candles
Abode Aroma have created these stylish and elegant multi-wick scented candles. These scented candles are made from a natural soy wax with a high concentration of fragrance made with natural essences. The three wick scented candles are made by hand pouring the natural soy wax with lead free wicks into a beautiful glass jar. Packaged in a beautiful box, these scented candles make an excelle..
£28.99 £25.00
Abode Aroma - Kimono Black Musk Three Wick Candles
Abode Aroma has created the elegant scent of this beautiful, multi-wick, natural soy wax candle with a high concentration of fragrance made with natural essences. Made by hand pouring the natural soy wax, with lead free wicks, into a quality glass dish. The candle is presented in an elegant black gift box that makes this a very beautiful candle gift. This multi-wick candle has a burn-time..
£28.99 £25.00
Abode Aroma - Black Bamboo & Verbena Aromatic Glass Candles
A modern scent of black bamboo shoots and white flowers, supported by diffusive sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla. The perfect choice for indulging yourself or a stylish and contempory gift. Burn time up to 35 hours. ..
£10.00 £9.49
20cm Traditional Drawn Deep Pink Rustic Dinner Candles
A 20cm (8") deep pink, traditionally drawn, rustic candle. These rustic candles are unscented. A classic, straight, column candle with an approximate diameter of 2.1cm (7/8").. Unfragranced, these traditionally drawn rustic candles offer improved burn quality as the air, trapped in the wax during the manufacture process, feeds the flame. The price excludes the candle holder. ..