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12cm x 6cm Purple Pillar Candles
A purple pillar candle measuring approximately 12cm tall by 6cm diameter. Available in ..
12cm x 7cm Purple Solid Colour Rustic Pillar Candles
A unscented, solid colour purple / aubergine pillar candle with a rustic texture. These rust..
20cm Traditional Drawn Purple Rustic Dinner Candles
A 20cm (8") purple, traditionally drawn, rustic candle. These rustic candles are unscented. These..
24cm Purple Stearin Classic Dinner Candles
A quality 24cm (10") purple classic dining candle made using a 100% white stearin core.  T..
29cm Classic Column Rustic Dinner Candles - Lavender
These unscented rustic lavender / lilac column candles measure approximately 29c..
Broste Candles - 29.5cm Purple/ Aubergine Column Rustic Dinner Candles
Elegant modern candles, these purple/ aubergine dinner candles are perfect as dinner table candles, ..
Broste Candles - Pair of Dipped Purple Taper Dinner Candles
A pair of elegant dipped, solid colour, purple taper dinner candles with a long burn time. This p..
Eika Candles - 25cm Aubergine/ Purple Dinner Taper Candles
A beautiful, 25cm (10") tall aubergine/ purple dinner taper candle made with 25% stearin wax. Thi..
Maria Buytaert Candles - 22cm Danish Opening Candle Plum
Maria Buytaert Candles are made to the original Danish candle design and are also known as blossomin..
Pack of 4 x 32cm Purple Taper Dinner Candles
A pack of four tall 32cm (12½") taper dinner candles, which have been overdipped with purp..
Pack of 8 x 24cm Purple Stearin Classic Dinner Candles
A pack of eight 24cm (10") purple classic dining candles made from 100% stearin wax candles. These c..
Rustic 10cm Diameter Purple Ball Candles
A simple, yet effective, purple rough textured crater ball candle. Measuring approximat..
8cm Diameter Purple Ball Candles
Create ambience @ home, by adding colour and the warm glow from these simple, yet effective, pu..