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  • Tips For The Perfect Candle Flame

    There are few things as captivating as the soft flickering light and the warm glow created by a candle, but there is a science to ensuring your candles burn perfectly.   Candle Light   Usually you can tell if your candle is burning properly just by looking at it, some of the th...

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  • Traditional Drawn Rustic Candles

    At www.thecandleselection.co.uk we offer a range of traditionally drawn rustic candles, manufactured using traditional candle making methods.   Drawn candles are manufactured by gradually drawing a wick through a bath of molten wax, each draw increases the diameter of the candle, layer by...

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  • Advent Candles

    Candles are used in various forms in Western traditions as a method of counting down to the Christian celebration of Christmas.At www.thecandleselection.co.uk there are two types of Advent Candles available to help you with your countdown to Christmas.   The first types of Advent Candles ...

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  • Coloured Tapered Dinner Candles

    Our beautiful selection of quality tapered dinner candles are unfragranced and enable you to enhance the ambience of your home.  These candles are ideal for a romantic evening, a special occasion, a dinner party, or just to relax as the flickering candle light helps to set and complem...

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  • Candles from The Candle Selection

    Everyone loves candles! They have been a visual favourite way back since Biblical times, and have developed over the years into beautiful household items that bring light, warmth and comfort to your home.   At thecandleselection.co.uk, we have literally thousands of candles for both indoo...

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