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Silver Candles

12cm x 6cm Silver Pillar Candles
Ideal for use all year, these silver pillar candles measure approximately 12cm tall by 6cm diameter, finished with in a silver metallic. These candles are very popular at Christmas, when pair with our metallic silver tapers. Always use an appropriate candle holder to prevent damage to your furniture, or other surfaces, from the heat of the candle or fr..
Pack of 4 x 32cm Silver Taper Dinner Candles
A pack of four tall 32cm (12½") taper dinner candles, which have been overdipped with silver metallic finish. These candles measure 32cm tall by 2.2cm diameter at the base and have a burn time of up to 7 hours each. The price is for a pack of 4 candles and excludes the candleholder. Candles with a metallic finish may soot. ..
Broste Candles - Pair of Dipped Silver Taper Dinner Candles
A pair of elegant dipped silver  metallic dinner taper candles with a long burn time. These candles are made using the traditional method of dipping the wick 35 - 40 times into the wax. As these candles are dipped, and not moulded, the dimensions quoted can vary slightly. Each candle has a conical foot making them easier to fit into any candle holder. Price is per pair of candles. ..
Eika Candles - 11cm x 6cm Silver Pillar Candles
A silver pillar candle from Eika Candles of Germany. Each candle is individually wrapped. Price excludes holder. ..
Eika Candles - 25cm Silver Dinner Taper Candles
A 25cm (10") silver dinner/ dining taper candle made with 25% stearin. This quality candle from Eika of Germany is made from only the best raw materials giving a consistent flame, virtually non dripping and almost soot free. Due to the stearin content of these candles, the colour is over-dipped on a white base candle. Each candle is individually wrapped in cellophane to protect the surfac..
Bobeches - Silver Edged Round Glass Drip Catchers
These plain glass bobeches (drip catchers) also known as candle drip rings are elegantly finished with a silver rim. The silver edged bobeche is suitable for use with classic dinner candles or taper dining candles measuring up to 2.5cm in diameter. The glass edge of the drip catcher is beautifully finished in silver and these bobeches complement almost any silver dinner candle holder. Bob..

Add a touch of class to your dinner table or home with silver candles from our selection of everyday dinner, pillar and ball candles.