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Orange Candles

12cm x 6cm Orange Pillar Candles
A orange pillar candle measuring approximately 12cm tall by 6cm diameter. Available in many colours to match the colour scheme of your home or function, perhaps you could display with our range of 8cm diameter ball candles or 24cm stearin dinner candles. Always use an appropriate candle holder to prevent damage to your furniture, or other surfaces, from the heat of the candle ..
8cm Diameter Orange Ball Candles
Add some colour to your room with these simple, yet effective, orange ball candles. These candles measure approximately 8cm in diameter and have a burn time of up to 20 hours. These candles are made by overdipping a white base candle with an orange finishing wax to create a great orange ball candle. Always use an appropriate candle holder to prevent dama..
24.5cm Orange Taper Dinner Candles
24.5cm (approximately 10") tall, these orange dinner candles are made with a conical foot to ensure an easy fit in your candle holders. Great for use on the dinner table, and everyday use around the home. With a candle burn time of approximately 7 hours, these orange dinner candles are ideal for use all year round. Made from a white wax base candle, overdipped with a orange ..
Eika Candles - 25cm Orange Dinner Taper Candles
A 25cm (10") orange dinner/ dining taper candle made with 25% stearin. This quality candle from Eika of Germany is made from only the best raw materials giving a consistent flame, virtually non dripping and almost soot free. Due to the stearin content of these candles, the colour is over-dipped on a white base candle. Each candle is individually wrapped. Price excludes the candle holder. ..
Box of 30 x 24.5cm Orange Dinner Candles
A box of 30 of our 24.5cm (approx 10") tall orange taper candles.  These candles can also be bought individually by clicking here. These Orange dinner candles are made with a conical foot to ensure an easy fit in your candle holders. Great for use on the dinner table, and everyday use around the home. With a candle burn time of approximately 7 hours, these yellow ..
24cm Orange Stearin Classic Dinner Candles
A quality 24cm (10") orange classic dining candle made using a 100% white stearin core.  These white stearin candles are then over dipped with a decorative layer of orange paraffin wax. These candles are also available in other colours and, if you need more than one or two candles, in packs of 8 candles. The base of these candles is formed into a special ri..
12cm x 7cm Orange Solid Colour Rustic Pillar Candles
A unscented, solid colour orange pillar candle with a rustic texture. These rustic candles are made in Europe and would look great displayed with different shaped candles of the same colour. Each candle measures approximately 12cm tall and have a candle diameter of approximately 7cm. Candle burn time up to 55 hours. Always use a candleholder to help prevent damage to surfaces.  ..
20cm Traditional Drawn Orange Rustic Dinner Candles
A 20cm (8") orange, traditionally drawn, rustic candle. These rustic candles are unscented. These traditionally drawn rustic candles offer improved burn quality as the air, trapped in the wax during the manufacture process, feeds the flame. Price excludes holder. ..
Box of 20 x 4 Hour Orange Tealights
A box of 20 orange tea light candles set in a clear cup. These elegant solid colour orange tealights are set in a plastic tea light cup. Each of the tealight candles has a burn time of up to 4 hours. ..
Pack of 8 x 24cm Orange Stearin Classic Dinner Candles
A pack of eight 24cm (10") orange classic dining candles made from 100% white stearin wax candles. The stearin wax candles are finished by over dipping with an orange colour paraffin wax. The base of these candles is formed into a special ribbed foot to ensure an easy fit in your candle holder. These 24cm candles are available in a number of other colours. Stearin wax helps the candle ..
Pack of 4 x 32cm Orange / Coral Taper Dinner Candles
A pack of four tall 32cm (12½") taper dinner candles, which have been overdipped with orange / coral lacquer to give a high gloss finish. These candles measure 32cm tall by 2.2cm diameter at the base and have a burn time of up to 7 hours each. The price is for a pack of 4 candles and excludes the candleholder. Candles with a gloss finish may soot. ..
Bolsius Candles - Orange Glass Lowboy Candles
Colour co-ordinate your dinner table by selecting an orange glass lowboy. Glass lowboy candles are the perfect candles to grace any dinner table, indoor or outdoor. These orange Bolsius lowboy glass candles are ideal garden candles, as the glass jar shields the candle flame from draughts. The orange glass jar of the lowboy also helps create a warm and vibrant glow from the candlelight. On..

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