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Garden Candles

Our range of garden candles includes; garden torchesglass lowboy candles, oil burners and candle lanterns, many of which are suitable for use indoors. Many of our garden candles are fragranced, several with an aromatic blend of a fresh provencal herbs that naturally repel insects.

Outdoor garden candles help create that perfect ambience for your alfresco evening and, with such a wide range to choose from, including; tea lights, torches, flares and citronella scented candles in glass jars, you should have no problem finding the ideal candle for your garden.

One of our favourite garden candles is the glass lowboy candle, a tear drop shaped patterned glass holder containing a candle with a burn time of up to 75 hours.

Another popular garden candle is the garden torch, several garden torches carefully placed around your garden can provide beautiful candle light throughout the evening, most torches being designed to burn for up to 8 hours.

Garden torches are available in several fragrances and colours, including citronella, with a lemony scent, a common fragrance used in many garden candles. When using garden candles, especially citronella candles, it is important to remember that they are designed for use in the open air and they should only used outdoors as they need plenty of fresh air to disperse their fragrance.

As an alternative to fragranced garden candles you could choose to use the classic tea light, or longer burning night light, in a candle lantern; with many styles of candle lantern available, from plain or coloured glass, to ornate Moorish design lanterns, the choice is almost endless. Whatever you choose, you make your alfresco evening perfect with the addition of garden candles.