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Candle Safety

To help you enjoy your candles safely we have included general candle safety information below.

Whichever candles you select; dinner candles, garden candles, candle lanterns, scented candles, unfragranced dining taper candles, etc., please ensure you follow any specific instructions supplied with the candles and enjoy your candles responsibly.

Never leave a burning candle unattended 

Keep out of reach of children and burn well out of reach of pets  

Leave at least 10cm between candles when burning  

Ensure the wick of the candle is approximately 3 to 6mm long, or as per the manufacturers instructions, before lighting the candle.

Do not burn any candle completely. Extinguish a candle before it burns into the holder, or in the case of a candle in a container, before it is finished, to minimise the risk of the candle overheating.

Burn all candles in, or on, suitable non-flammable holders placing on a heat resistant surface; do not burn candles on top of a television or other warm places.

Ensure there is sufficient headroom for the heat from the flame to escape and keep out of draughts, other sources of heat and direct sunlight.

Ensure candles are upright, take care to ensure that are well away from flammable items and materials, such as curtains, soft furnishings, clothes and other decorations.

If using floral or other decorative rings, remove these before lighting the candle.

Never touch or move a candle when it is burning. Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame, never use water to extinguish a candle. If a candle cannot be easily extinguished, cover with a damp cloth.

If a candle tends to smoke extinguish the flame and allow to cool, trim the wick to approximately 3 to 6mm, or as per the manufacturers instructions.

Always burn votive candles in a suitable glass holder Never let the flame come into contact with the container.

Votive candles are designed to liquefy when burning to increase their fragrance potential.

Candle containers will become hot, protect the surface on which the container is placed with a non-flammable holder. Ensure that the container is in good condition, free from chips, cracks and scratches. Never let the flame come into contact with the container.

Keep candles free from all foreign matter, matches, etc., as these can cause a candle to flare up.

Make sure that the burner is large enough and well ventilated At least 65mm above the flame within the holder. 

When using nightlights or tealights to heat or warm food, drink, fragrance tablets or oils, make sure that the burner is large enough and well ventilated so that there is at least 65mm above the flame within the holder.

Do not use perfumed votive candles, use only plain unscented nightlights and tealights.