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Candles for sale in the UK | The Candle Selection

At thecandleselection we aim to offer you a beautiful selection of high quality candles for sale to allow you to enhance the ambience of your home with the introduction of light, colour and fragrance.

Whether you are planning a dinner party, a romantic night, or just a quiet night in, lit only by the light of flickering candles, we have a full range of candles for sale from which you can choose, including: dinner candles, pillar candles, ball candles and scented candles.  Simply search our selection for your favourite brand of candle, style or fragrance, buy the candles you want, and you will soon be enjoying the simple pleasure of candlelight.

Don't forget our range of outdoor candles to light up your evening in the garden.  Whether it's a candle torch, a lowboy, or a citronella candle, your choice should help to improve the ambience of your event as the candlelight lights up your garden.

Some of our most popular candle colours include: ivory, white, blue, grey, black, greenorange, purple, red and more.  Either click on the colour, or enter the colour of your choice in the search box at the top of the page to browse our range selection of candles for sale.

Whatever candle you select from our range of everyday candles make sure you read the candle safety label on the candle and follow our tips on achieving the best from your candles.