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Tapered Dinner Candles

The tapered dinner candle, one of the most traditional types of candle, has been used in households to provide light for hundreds of years.


Originally tapered dinner candles were manufactured by hand, dipping wicks in molten wax, allowing the wax to dry, and repeating the hand dipping process until the desired candle diameter had been achieved. This process generally resulted in elegant candles with a gradually tapering diameter. The chandler would typically produce a pair of candles on the same piece of wick, using the wick between the two to raise and lower the candles during the dipping process.


Hand dipped tapered dinner candles are still available today, have a look at our great range of pairs of hand dipped tapered dinner candles from Broste of Copenhagen.


Today’s modern tapered dinner candles are equally as elegant, but are typically presented singularly, many of the better quality candles containing stearin a material which helps to improve the burn quality of the candle and helps to reduce the amount of smoking and dripping whilst the candles is burning. Quality tapered dinner candles are produced by many manufacturers, including; Bolsius of Copenhagen, Eika Candles and Price’s Candles.


Tapered dinner candles are available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the most appropriate height of candle for your candle holders, and to suit your dinner table arrangements, the tallest tapered dinner candles stocked by thecandleselection are a massive 38cm (15”) tall and are known as banqueting candles.


In addition to being available in a variety of lengths, tapered dinner candles are also offered in a multitude of colours, from the traditional; ivory candles, white candles, red candles, green candles and blue candles, to more contemporary candle colours, which include; black candles, pink candles, orange candles, purple candles, yellow candles, brown candles, silver candles and gold candles.