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Floating Candles

One of the most pleasurable types of candles to use are floating candles. Unlike the more traditional tapered dinner and dining candles, the floating candle can bring a whole new dimension to the dinner table.


To begin, partly fill a bowl or container with water, anything from a dessert bowl, to a trifle bowl, to an ornate bowl. Add the heads of your favourite flowers (if they’ll float), or rose petals, then place your floating candles in the bowl.


Choose a single colour for your candles, to complement the colour of your flowers, or use several candle colours such as purple and pink, to create a great contemporary look.


Once you are happy with your display, and just before your guests arrive, light the floating candles and watch them slowly drift around the bowl giving off a flickering candle light that shifts and changes as the candles slowly float around the top of the water surface.


Floating candles are available in a wide range of colours, you can choose a display for your dinner table that uses a single colour to compliment your table arrangements, or choose to mix and match colours to create a fashionable modern look, or create a more traditional feel by selecting candle colours such as; ivory, white and red.


Whatever colour of floating candles you select, we are sure that you will create a table display that your dinner guests will appreciate and talk about for weeks to come. So go on and give your dinner table that extra dimension by creating a centre piece using a display of floating candles in place of those traditional tea lights.


Alternatively, floating candles make great outdoor garden candles. Use on the surface of your garden pond, if you have one, or place in a bowl on your alfresco dining table – don’t forget, the bigger your pond the more floating candles you can use…!