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Coloured Bobeches; Candle Wax Drip Catchers

We now stock a range of coloured candle drip catchers. Candle wax drip catchers, or bobeches, are the ideal way of helping to prevent dripping candle wax from dropping onto your furniture, table linen and other surfaces. 


Thecandleselection.co.uk now stock a range of coloured plain glass candle drip rings, also known as bobeches, allowing you to colour co-ordinate your candle accessories with your table or room decoration. Currently available in red, blue, green and smoke grey/ black, these bobeches will help you to prevent dripping wax dropping onto your table cloth.


Originally, bobeches were designed to be fitted to the chandeliers, hanging from ceilings, to help prevent hot wax dripping on the people, carpets and floor coverings in the room below. However, today, candle wax drip catchers are being used on candlesticks and candle holders to prevent wax dripping on furniture, table linen and other surfaces.


All types of candle types drip wax to differing extents, although it is generally dinner taper candles that seems to create the most concern, as wax can drip onto table linen and the polished surface of the table causing costly damage. Drips occur as draughts can cause candles to flicker, resulting in uneven burning at the top of the candle which allows an amount of wax to escape from the liquefied wax pool and drip down the side of the candle.


To help prevent dripping wax getting down to the candle holder, and falling to the surface below, your bobeche should be sat on top of the candle holder, at the base of the candle, to collect the dripping wax. Always ensure that you do not let your candle burn down too close to your wax drip catcher as this may cause the glass to crack.


In addition to the functional plain glass drip catchers, a wide range of decorative bobeches are available to enable you to create decorative centre-pieces with bobeches available in various colours, differing shapes, alternative edge forms and finished with silver and gold edging.


Also, coming soon will be thecandleselection.co.uk’s range of bobeches with hanging glass ornaments, to add an extra dimension to the decorative affect of the drip catcher.