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Candle Torches

Garden candle torches, including garden flares, are one of the more popular garden candles. Garden candle torches can easily be described as “candles on a stick”, the formed wax candle is set on either a bamboo or metal spike. The spike allowing the torch to be set in soft ground meaning that they can be positioned around your garden in the lawn or borders. Alternatively, garden torches can be positioned in containers of soil or sand making them ideal for use in areas such as backyards or on the terrace or patio.


The garden candle torch is available in a number of colours and can be either fragranced or unfragranced with the most popular choice being citronella, a lemony zesty fragrance. Don’t forget, garden candles, including citronella candles, should only be used outdoors, as they need a large volume of air into which to diffuse their fragrance.


Another popular choice of garden candle are terracotta pots, filled with wax, forming rustic decorative candles that look like plant pots and make ideal centre pieces for the dinner table. Indeed, after you have used the candles, many of the terracotta pots are suitable for you to use them as plant pots.


Carefully positioning garden candles, including garden candle torches and terracotta pots, around your garden will ensure you create a great atmosphere and enough light to allow you to dine or enjoy your party long into the evening, as garden candles tend to have burn times over 7 to 8 hours to ensure you never need to replace them once they have been lit at the start of the evening.