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Bobeches; Candle Wax Drip Catchers

Bobeches, also known as candle drip catchers or wax drip catchers, have probably been in use in one form or another since candles were first developed. Practical and decorative, bobeches are the perfect accessory for you to use with your candles.

Indeed, the form of the bobeche can be seen in contemporary lighting design, where modern day chandeliers include the form of the drip catcher under the bulb. Originally the drip catcher (bobeche) on the chandelier would have been used to collect dripping wax, preventing it dripping onto people, or the floor, below the chandelier.

All types of candle types drip wax to differing extents, although it is generally the dinner taper candle that seems to create the most concern as the wax can drip onto table tops, polished surfaces and table linen, causing costly damage.

These reasons candles drip include; the type and quality of the candle wax, the design and shape of the candle, and the design and material of the wick used in the manufacture of the candle. However today, due to improved candle wax, candle design and manufacturing techniques, the primary reasons for dripping candles are draughts and air currents.

Draughts and air currents cause candles to flicker, causing an uneven burn at the top of the candle which can result in wax escaping from the liquefied wax pool and dripping down the side of the candle.

To help prevent the dripping wax get to the surface below the candle, your bobeche (drip catcher) should be located around the base of the candle and will work like a saucer, collecting the dripping wax. Please ensure you do not let your candle burn down too close to your bobeche, as this may cause the glass drip catcher to crack.

Bobeches are available in a variety of styles, our selection includes; plain glass bobeches, formed edge bobeches, plastic bobeches and bobeches suitable for ornaments.