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Special Offers

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Bolsius Candles - Bag of 40 x 10 Hour Maxi Tealights - Foil Damage
A limited number of bags of 40 maxi tea light candles from Bolsius Candles, on special offer due to ..
£15.99 £9.99
Bolsius Candles - Glass 'Hooped' Candle Holder & Relight Refill
A round, clear glass 'hooped' look Bolsius Relight candle holder, including Relight refill cand..
£7.99 £2.99
Price's Candles - Anti-Tobacco Candle Tin
Odour eliminator with extracts of sweet apple. Designed to eliminate the odours caused by tobacco sm..
£2.49 £1.99
Price's Candles - Chef's Candle Tin
Price's Chef's Candle Tin is an odour eliminator fragranced with extracts of fresh herbs. Designed t..
£2.49 £1.99
Price's Candles - Luxury Glass Jar - Cypress & Patchouli
A range with only the best in mind. Hand blown glass filled with a unique vegetable wax formulation ..
£7.99 £5.99
Price's Candles - Pet Fresh Candle Tin
Odour eliminator with extracts of tangerine citrus. Designed to help neutralise pet odours. ..
£2.49 £1.99