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Rustic Dinner Candles

Shearer Candles - 25cm White Hand Drawn Rustic Candles
Produced by Shearer Candles timeserved Chandlers, using the technique of "drawing" process, growing the candle layer by layer until it has reached the right thickness. This process traps air between each layer of wax, which feeds the flame during burning, to produce a candle of outstanding quality. Hand drawn, white 25cm rustic candle. ..

At www.thecandleselection.co.uk we offer a range of traditionally drawn rustic candles, manufactured using traditional candle making methods.

Drawn candles are manufactured by gradually drawing a wick through a bath of molten wax, each draw increases the diameter of the candle, layer by layer, until the required size is achieved. The candle is then polished, cut into lengths and milled to expose the wick for lighting, a process demanding great skill and craftsmanship.

Manufacturing candles in this way produces a unique marbling effect running through and along the candle. Due to this, and the manual processes involved, traditionally drawn candles have a rustic quality as every candle is unique and takes on slightly differing shapes as each layer cools and shrinks in a slightly different way.

As the candles are manufactured, drawing the wick through the molten wax a layer at a time, drawn candles are formed as “classic column candles”, being parallel, rather than being formed as tapered candles.

Candles manufactured using the traditional drawn technique also offer improved burn quality as the air, trapped in the wax during the manufacture process, feeds the flame as it is released when the candle burns.

Thecandleselection.co.uk offer traditionally drawn rustic candles in a variety of sizes and colours, including traditional colours such as; ivory, white and red and more contemporary colours such as; orange and black and shades of, blue, green and purple.

Traditionally drawn rustic candles make the ideal dinner dining candles and can be used in almost any setting in the house to provide the perfect ambience for your evening.