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Natural Wax

All of the eco-friendly candles are manufactured with natural waxes such as stearin and soy and many include 100% cotton wicks. Other candles include glass and packaging made from recycled materials. Whichever candle you select from this range, you can be sure that you are helping to protect our environment.
Price's Candles - Heritage Stearine Votive Candles 6 Pack
Price's Candles Heritage candles bring a taste of our past into the present. Stearine is made from pure vegetable wax from 100% renewable sources which in addition to it's bright, crisp whiteness, also produces a beautiful flame. Uncented with a burn time up to 11 hours. NOTE : Roomscenters / votive candles liquify when burned and must be burned in a suitable container. ..
Price's Candles - Luxury Glass Jar - Cypress & Patchouli
A range with only the best in mind. Hand blown glass filled with a unique vegetable wax formulation using specially selected, sumptuous fragrances, creates a wonderful scented candle. These candles have a woody fragrance of cypress tree with subtle tones of patchouli. ..
£7.99 £5.99
Stoneglow Candles - Sea Shore Natural Wax Gel Candles
A beautiful decorative candle which, as it burns, will evoke memories of the sea shore. Sea shore is a beautiful aquatic fragrance with gentle citrus notes, sitting on a lovely oakmoss and citrus base. Suspended in a clear gel is a scented natural soy wax votive candle set in a centre glass column. The gel tumbler is reusable with a Stoneglow room scenter or tealight. Stoneglow have used 100% natu..